Frequently asked questions

Q: What kind of models do you work with? Is there a standard of acceptance?

A: We only work with models that have an ideal, pleasant physical appearence for this activity. In the recruitment process, we will carefully analize the aspect of each and every model in order to decide if we will continue further and sign the collaboration contract. Both comercial beauty and natural beauty are equally appreciated and each model will get a score at the end of the recruitment process based on which we will make the final collaboration offer.

Q: I already own an account. Can we still collaborate?

A: Yes, we can. You can own personal accounts or accounts which you already signed with another agency. As long as you deliver our required content, your account is yours to use however you want, whether you you use it as a personal account or you further sell it to another agency.

Q: Do you also work with male models?

A: No, we are an agency that strictly adresses to female models.

Q: Can we still collaborate if I also videochat?

A: Yes, you can videochat by yourself or with another agency and still collaborate with us. The earnings generated by our collaboration will add on top of your current income.

Q: What payment method do you use?

A: Based on the offer you chose, the payment will be made on the 10th of every month through a bank transfer, after the content for the current month is recorded.

Q: What can I expect if I reach out to you?

A: After you submit the contact form, a member of our team will analyze your request and answer in the shortest time possible. Usually, the answer will be given within 1-2 work days.

Q: What is the initial conversation?

A: If you've been selected to start a collaboration with our agency, we will schedule a video call on Skype to get to know each other and to answer the question needed to start our collaboration

Q: How long it takes until we can start working together?

A: Usually, it takes around 1 week, but in the most exceptional circumstances, the waiting period can take up to 2 weeks.

Q: Can I specifically buy only one type of service from you?

A: Usually, we offer full account management. If you already have an OnlyFans account which benefits from success and only need one type of service from us, we can settle for the aquisition of that sole service.

Q: Can we discuss further aspects of our collaborations over the phone?

A: Of course. After you submit the contact form, we can further schedule a call where we will discuss and answer whatever questions you have.

Q: What is an account manager?

A: The account manager is the member of our team which will keep in touch with you during the collaboration.

Q: What is an account manager?

A: The account manager is the member of our team which will keep in touch with you during the collaboration.

Q: Do you only work with OnlyFans?

A: No, we also work with Fansly and other platforms capable of monetizing content.

Q: How many photos and videos do I have to shoot weekly?

A: There is no set limit. Usually, we will send you photos and videos, similar with the ones you have to shoot. Also, it depends on the offer you choose. For example, the Start-Up package requires you to shoot 2-3 hours worth of video per week.

Q: What are the offers?

A: There are __ offers, and you can find further details about them here.

Q: What are my responsabilities as a model?

A: Based on the offer you choose, your responsabilities will vary, but your main focus will be to deliver the required content within the time recommended by your account manager.

Q: How do I send you the content?

A: Very easy, the content will be sent through WhatsApp or Telegram, whicever you feel more confortable with.

Q: How will I keep in touch with my account manager?

A: Over the phone or on Whatsapp/Telegram. Ocasionally, we will schedule monthly video calls.

Q: How much will earn a model that chose the Start-Up offer?

A: The start-up offer will pay USD$1000/month starting on the third month. The first and second month will pay USD$300, respectively USD$600 due to the high cost and efforts of the marketing process.

Q: How much will earn a model that chose the Scale-Up offer?

A: The earnings usually range between USD$1500/month and USD$20000/month. This offer is volatile as it depends of the model's enthusiasm, involvement, physical appearence, content quality, etc.

Do you have further questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us about any other questions you might haveand a member of our team will reach out to you in the shortest time possible. Sometimes, we may need to schedule a video call to discuss your question.